Radio Kotor officially began to work on 21st November 1987. First of all the   experimental program had been broadcast for three months and lasted five hours  daily.


The first director and editor in chief was Todor Pekovic ( 1987.-1989).


After him this job did the following people:

Tomislav Grgurevic (1990-1991)

Ruza Danilovic (1991-1992)

Branko Vukasovic(1992-1993)

Milan Dragomanovic (1993-1998)

Slavko Mandic(1998-2002)

Dragan Buzdovan(2002-2004).


Now the director of RDS Radio Kotor is Predrag Nikolic.


Radio Kotor has been, during its long years of work, increasing the program   gradually,which now lasts for 24 hours. When the INTERNET presentation had been set and the program had begun  broadcasting by means of INTERNET,Radio Kotor became accessible for   listeners all over the world.


Many visits which we record in our INTERNET presentation are prooves that we   havenít made a mistake when we decided to get down to work on this way of  informing the public much more proffesional and becoming more engaged in it  and by means of minimum financial resources become, practically speaking,

 pioneers in this way of informing people.Generations of directors which were  developing this radio and improving it constantly,have left us a good support and  idea to go on with it every day and to improve ourselves further more.


Radio Kotor has created the web team which is concerned with our presentation   and we believe that this way of presenting information as well as the town itself   will recognize the other radio stations.We want them to give a strong support as  we always did and we always seek help without hesitation.


We want all listeners and users of our services and information to see benefit in   our work.We also wish our information were accessible not only to the listeners  in our community but all over the world.

We wish you a pleasant stay at our site!


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